Irrigation services


We install irrigation systems for residential and on commercial properties. Our many years in business have allowed us to gain experience and become one of the leading companies in the Montreal area. We chose our suppliers and parts with care and know what’s best for our customers. Our sophisticated machinery and our highly trained staff also permit us to install systems without damaging existing grass or plantation areas. We give free estimates to all of our customers. Never hesitate to give us a call.


A broken pipe? A leak? A malfunctioning timer? We respond to all our service calls and try our best to be with you as soon as possible when something has gone wrong.


We offer an opening service of the irrigation system in the spring. This service includes a verification of the system, the replacement of broken parts and the programming of the timer for the new season.


We also offer a closing service of the irrigation system. Closing a system in the fall is crucial and must be done correctly to assure that there are no costly repairs and replacements in the spring. We use compressors to expel all the water from the system. This is necessary because water freezing in the irrigation system will break pipes, fittings, valves, heads, and other system components.